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Kindergarten News

Hello everyone!  


Welcome to our STCE Kindergarten page!  Our team is loving getting to know you and your child this year.  Please feel free to explore our web pages where you will get to know each of us, find great resources, and gain important information.  This grade level website will be updated monthly with the latest news, skills on which we currently are working, and important dates to remember.  Although each teacher will send out weekly reminders and information as needed that will answer most questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!  Email is the best and quickest way to contact us and all of our information is a click away.  We will be more than happy to help at any time!


Thank you for sharing your child with us this year!  


~ The Kindergarten Team ~




A few important things to mention…
    • A couple of things:


      • Homework:  Please continue to learn sight words!  All sight words for the year can be found on each teacher's website.  You are more than welcome to print them out to make flashcards, play games (such as memory, word hunts around the house, go fish, etc.), or any way you that best fits your schedule and your child's learning style.  There only will be four new words per week.  😉 

      • Please return your child's freshly-washed small blanket and masks on Monday.
      • Your child needs a water bottle with water only every day.
      • Please pack a small (healthy) snack every day.
      • Don't forget your folder and tote bag! 




      • All **SIGHT WORDS** 

        *tying shoes (Please tell your child to tell us when mastery is accomplished for a treat/prize!  😊)

        *orally spelling first & last name

        * address

        * phone number

        * birthday

        *parents’ names  


    • Weekly Sight Words:  Please practice them every night!  (It will help your child become a super reader!)  😊


    • What we're learning:  

      ELA:  We have launched our ELA curriculum called HMH Into Reading.  It is a relatively fast-paced program with LOTS of good components.  

    • Math:  We are beginning our Composing/Decomposing & Addition/Subtraction units as well as continue to practice writing/identifying numbers as well as continue to practice orally counting.
    • Writing:  Adding words and details to our pictures as well as focusing on Informational writing in HMH.
    • Social Studies:  American Symbols, St. Patrick's Day 
    • Science:  Spring, Day/Night, Plants, Rocks/Soil
Thank you in advance for your support and for helping your child succeed!
  • The Parent Orientation PowerPoint link is updated and can be found here for your reference regarding our Kindergarten year.  Please feel free to reach out to us with any and all questions.

News from STCE:


-  Come join the fun and be a part of an awesome school community!  Joining PTO is now easier than ever.  We now have 3 different plans from which to choose in the link below.  Our class will earn rewards for membership through friendly competition with other classes throughout the contact the front office if you have any questions.  😊



Please note:

Transportation changes must be made in writing.  Emails or phone messages can not be accepted by the classroom teacher.  If it is an emergency change, please call the front office.  They will be more than happy to assist you in any way.


-STCE will host after school clubs.  If you are signing up or have signed your child up for extracurricular activities, such as Art or Good News Club and/or all other clubs/activities, please be sure to send a note for your child to stay after. (Please also be aware if there is NO note, we must assume your child goes home the regular way!) 



-Stay informed with important transportation updates with Remind.  Please follow the link to sign up to get the Remind text messages about late buses in the afternoon.



Stevens Creek Elementary School serves students and is located in Evans, GA.




Important Dates:


March 3 - Spirit Night Cheeseburger Bobby’s (5-9)
March 4 - Spring Picture Day
March 5 - Dr. Seuss Day! Wear your Dr. Seuss shirt or dress like your favorite Dr. Seuss character
March 11 - Early Release @ 12:10
March 12 - No School
March 16 - Report Cards Distributed
March 22 - El Alazon Spirit Night

Please click the link below for our monthly grade level newsletter!