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Columbia county public schools require students entering grades K-12 to submit a valid Certificate of Immunizations, Form 3231, to the school.  This certificate must reflect the official requirements at the time the child enters school, and the child will be subject to any updates of this certificate as specified by law. This certificate will be maintained throughout the child's attendance in the school system.


The GA form 3231 must be completed and signed by a licensed Georgia physician, Advanced Practiced Registered Nurse, Physician Assistant, qualified employee of a local Georgia Board of Health or the Georgia State Immunization Office.


Licensed military physicians can sign the Georgia Immunization form 3231. If the physician is on a military base, but not licensed in Georgia that person is also authorized under his federal employment to practice as long as it is related to his employment.


According to The Georgia Composite Board for Georgia Physicians, they are allowed to sign Georgia forms, such as 3231 but they must enter vaccine information into the Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services (GRITS) system and students from the military based families must present a 3231 to enter Georgia schools.


Georgia students, new to Columbia County, are required to submit the Form 3231 or Religious Exemption Form 2088 prior to attending school.


For students new to Georgia, a justified waiver of 30 calendar days can be granted by the Superintendent or designee. This will allow the parent 30 days to get the proper immunization form to the school. The Columbia County Public Health Department will transcribe the out of state vaccinations records to a GA form 3231 for a nominal fee.



In the State of Georgia, for a child to attend school, the parent has one of the following three options:



  • DPH Form 3231. Your child is vaccinated as required by the State of Georgia for school attendance and present to the school a valid 3231.                                   


  • Religious Exemption (DPH Form 2208)Present completed Form 2208 to the school, as it is written, without alterations and notarized. Form 2208 does not expire


  • Medical Exemption.  A Georgia physician will issue this type of exemption if your child has a medical  condition in which vaccinations are contraindicated. This type of  certificate, is to be documented on a 3231 and expires annually.



Children whose parents fail to present or renew the Certificate 3231 within the time allotted shall not be permitted to continue in attendance.


 The State of Georgia has new immunization requirements all students entering the 7th grade and

new Georgia students in grades 7-12.

These students will be required to have the following additional vaccinations:


Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis)

Meningococcal vaccine (MCV4)



Columbia County Health Department

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