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August 24: Added Safety Mitigation Measures

August 24, 2021

Each week, district leaders in the Columbia County School District monitor numbers of reported positive COVID-19 cases in our community and schools. As recently as last week, the district responded to increased reports of positive COVID-19 cases with a decision to implement additional levels of safety mitigation strategies in schools. We cannot thank our families enough for their flexibility and patience in adapting to these changes.

At this time, the numbers of reported positive cases continue to increase in our community, and in response, the Columbia County School District will move to its next level of safety mitigation strategies. Face coverings will be required for students and staff in all grade levels while indoors, to include those who are vaccinated.

This requirement will be sensitive to the needs of students and staff with medical issues that make the wearing of a face covering inadvisable. Mask breaks will be provided for students throughout the school day and during lunch, and face coverings will continue to be required on school buses.

As district leaders continue to monitor cases each week, the need for the continuation or change to any level of safety mitigation measures currently in place, will also be assessed. The community is a picture of what is in our school buildings, and while it is evident that the majority of the spread of the virus is taking place outside of school, face coverings provide not only an additional layer of safety, but will effectively allow more students to remain in school in accordance with updated quarantine guidance from the Georgia Department of Health.

Safety remains a top priority and we thank all of our families and our community for joining us in these efforts to continue to provide all students a safe, clean environment in which to learn as safely as possible.

We are all in this together, and we are stronger together.